Professional Curriculum Vitae

Joseph Y NaghdiJoseph Y Naghdi MBCS, MSc, EnCE

IT Consultant & Computer Forensic Investigator, Expert Witness (Civil and Criminal) 

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Leading and coordinating computer forensic investigations, e-discoveries and performing advanced data recoveries assisting our clients within the legal profession or the police in gathering, organising, reporting and presenting computer evidence in civil and criminal proceedings, providing them with litigation support and Expert Witness services in UK courts.

Joseph specialises in gathering, capturing, analysing, examining electronically stored information and reporting on it by making use of the most current and technologically advanced hardware/software tools. He has been assisting law firms, police forces, government agencies, local councils, fraud investigators, insurance companies, private individuals and financial institutions with digital forensic investigations  since 2007.

Experienced in digital forensic examinations in criminal prosecutions, civil litigation, PCI DSS forensic investigations and GDPR-compliant incident analysis and reporting. Key skills include forensic examination of computers, mobile devices, social media and cloud computing using a variety of forensic tools including EnCase, X-Ways, FTK, Nuix, Oxygen Forensic® Detective, Magnet Forensics, XRY and Cellebrite UFED. Joseph also specialises in E-discovery, EDRM with extensive knowledge of data collection, data carving using data processing tools such as Hex Editors, FTK Imager, CAINE, DEFT, Nuix and Relativity.  MORE ON DIGITAL FORENSICS SERVICES.. 


  • Data carving and analysis
  • Digital forensics + data recovery
  • Excellent diagnostic skills
  • Excellent problem-solving abilities
  • Windows/Linux/MacOS/Android/iOS
  • Programming in Python, C++
  • An understanding of British, EU and US law in relation to computer based fraud, cyber crime and computer misuse and corporate IT legislative requirements
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the ACPO guidelines and the procedures relating to the investigation of computer crime.

Work History:

March 2009 to Current: Computer Forensics Lab,  London, Digital Forensics Investigator, Expert Witness in Several Criminal and Civil Cases in UK Crown Courts

Job role:

  • Identifying, acquiring, capturing data sources, gathering digital evidence, analysing facts and trends and presenting the findings in format admissible in any litigation or reliable in a civil or criminal investigation;
  • Was involved in detailed and comprehensive specific data search items such as emails, images, documents, spreadsheets, logs, chat conversations etc in all digital data sources such as hard drives, memory sticks, media players, mobile phones and network or remote drives;
  • Implemented company policies, technical procedures and standards for preserving the integrity and security of data, reports and access.
  • Designed strategic plan for best practices in computer forensics investigations and data handling for training and supporting teams members and outside contractors.
  • Responsible for all digital forensic investigations and digital evidence acquisition from computers, mobile handsets, vehicles, CCTV and producing many expert reports based on the instructions given by the stake holders

Typical Cases Supervised or Handled:

  • Investigating computer and digital media involving data security regulatory compliance such as Data Protection Act and GDPR;
  • Company information theft digital evidence gathering, reporting and auditing;
  • Digital document authentication and validation in case where digital document or the evidence is disputed;
  • Internet and online banking fraud investigations and reporting;
  • Online bullying, stalking, trolling and defamation digital evidence gathering and reporting;
  • Child pornography digital evidence gathering, examination and reporting for law enforcement, prosecution and law firms;
  • Acquiring and investigating digital evidence involving divorce cases
  • Computer fraud investigations involving email impersonation, forging legal documents such as wills, contracts, title deeds, power of attorneys and bank statements;

August 2003 to Current: Data Recovery Lab London, Data Recovery Specialist:  My role involves training, supervising engineers and leading the data recovery lab technicians. I recommend architectural improvements, design solutions and integration solutions for improving working practices in the lab.

May 1996 to June 1999: BBC World Service, Bush House, London, Producer/Presenter: My role was to produce news and current affairs programs in BBC World Service located in Bush House in London. I managed a team of 5-6 journalists, assistant producers involved in producing. editing  and presenting news and current affairs with a primary focus on Iran and the Middle East. In February 1999, I was asked to join a consultation team commissioned to devise and suggest the best digital format to present the news in what later became BBC News Online.


1991 Tehran Technical College Tehran, Iran
MSc (Master of Science) in Computer Science + C Programming

1984, Ferdowsi University Mashhad, Iran
Bachelor of Science,  History of Western Philosophy

Affiliations and Memberships:

IEEECS (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Computer Society), Member
BCS – The Chartered Institute for IT, Professional Member


Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSP)
Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP)
EnCase® Certified Examiner (EnCE)
Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)